Revelation is a book of preparation and a book of great hope for the believer! We have covered Revelation 1-13 and are currently taking a break from this book to focus on Christmas.

We will pick this series back up in February and finish it before Easter. 

Latest Sermon: Marked for Death or Marked for Life? Revelation 14, 1/29/23

King Jesus is Coming Soon! Revelation 1


More than Conquerers, Revelation 2


The Faithful Witness, Revelation 3


Glory, Revelation 4


The Lion and the Lamb, Revelation 5


So What? Revelation 6


Shelter From the Storm, Revelation 7


How to Pray for Your Enemies, Revelation 8


What to do When All Hell Breaks Loose, Revelation 9


Last Call, Revelation 10


Persecution and Peace, Revelation 11


Satan's Folly, Revelation 12


The Unholy Trinity, Revelation 13