Revelation is a book of preparation and a book of great hope for the believer!

Latest Sermon: Come, Lord Jesus; Revelation 22, 3/26/23

King Jesus is Coming Soon! Revelation 1


More than Conquerers, Revelation 2


The Faithful Witness, Revelation 3


Glory, Revelation 4


The Lion and the Lamb, Revelation 5


So What? Revelation 6


Shelter From the Storm, Revelation 7


How to Pray for Your Enemies, Revelation 8


What to do When All Hell Breaks Loose, Revelation 9


Last Call, Revelation 10


Persecution and Peace, Revelation 11


Satan's Folly, Revelation 12


The Unholy Trinity, Revelation 13

Marked for Death or Marked for Life, Rev. 14

Love the Sinner...Hate the Sinner, Revelation 15

The Naked and the Damned, Revelation 16

Bloody Beauty and the Beast, Revelation 17

Judging Babylon,

Revelation 18

Do You Like What You See?

Revelation 19

You Get What You Deserve (But You Don't Have To)

Revelation 20

Worth Every Tear

Revelation 21